Technical Series Lego Lorry

The 42112 cement mixer truck, the newest lego technic series mechanical unit set within the last half of 2020 is what i would like to share with you today. It’s used for 1163 pieces of particles.

Steering Mechanism

The car uses the front 4-wheel steering. This point it uses the foremost common steering structure of the mechanical group: a parallelogram. The 2 sets of steering axles are controlled by the highest gear transmission to the lower rack and pinion, but they fail to link with the wheel . Today, the wheel remains just a display inevitably makes people a touch disappointed.

Rear Differential

The rear wheel part doesn’t have any suspension , and there are two sets of inverted (for rotating within the same direction) differential device. I think the scholars who have read the previous sharing should be very conversant in the function of the differential. There aren’t many highlights within the entire chassis part. With the essential configuration of the mechanical group at this price, allow us to check out the upper a part of the suit: the cab and therefore the mixing drum.


The front of the liebherr kran may be a standard-shaped front of a truck, decorated with stickers. The general color of the suit is navy and therefore the part is matched with blue. The inside uses two technological parts because the seat, a non-turnable wheel , and therefore the doors on each side are often opened. There are transparent particles as car lights, and there are two chimneys behind, but there’s no basic decoration like rearview mirrors in the least , which is basically disappointing.

Playable Operation

The lower two sides are the operation controls of the mixer truck. There are three gear controls when the shift lever is moved to the left and right sides. When the shift lever is shifted to the proper , the drive shaft of the vehicle are often linked to the disc of the mixer drum, in order that when the vehicle is running the blending drum also will rotate accordingly. When the lever is shifted to the center , it’s a neutral position and can not drive one another . When it’s shifted to the left, the left rocker will control and drive the blending drum.

The remote lever on the left is employed to regulate the forward and reverse rotation of the blending barrel.

Mixing Drum

The most heavyweight parts at the rear are the 2 super-large particles that structure the blending drum. The within may be a spiral sort of a snail, which rotates on one side for feeding and reversely for discharge. The blending drum is driven by a group of gears, and is inclined during a triangular fixed manner.

Roller System

Below the tail may be a set of supporting wheels system, which may make the large mixing drum rotate more smoothly.

Discharge System

The discharge system at the tail are often adjusted at a particular angle.


Finally, I discuss the suit from a private point of view. First of all, as a mechanical suit without electric components, the toy restores the essential functions of the cement mixer , especially the large integrated parts of the blending drum, which is just hidden money…, I personally just like the overall dark blue-based colour scheme , except for the mechanical group of the present environment, the shortage of some details is basically unacceptable. Although it’s going to not be a highlight, it’ll be regrettable if it’s not. Hope to follow up Don’t ignore this a part of your work.  


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