‘Toys’ that men Dreamed Since Boyhood

There is one thing within the process of growing from most of the boys which is that the watch. From the primary electronic watch that my parents bought once I was young, to the couple quartz watch that I bought with my partner in high school, university, then to the mechanical watch I bought for myself after work… We’ll find that once we reminisce. The watch not only records every minute and each second, but also becomes a witness to the expansion of boys, because every watch that has been worn has left a singular growth story.

Toys Attraction To Boys

Boys’ interest in watches stems from their enthusiasm for electronic and mechanical toys. For boys, toys have a mysterious attraction, and this attraction won’t fade with age, but will in another form, let everyone “get deeper and deeper”, and eventually play with “small toys” once they were young to chase “big toys” once they get older . Watches are within the category of “toys” as boys think.


Electronic Watches

As a mixture of electronic technology and mechanical technology, the worth of the watch ranges from tens of yuan to at least one million yuan, which makes it a special attribute. For instance , once we were young, we could buy an electronic watch at a stationery store for tens of dollars. It had been considered a “small toy”; after we grew up and learned about the brands of casio watches and Timex, the “small toy” was preliminary. Upgrade; within the era of smart watches, various watches have further expanded the “toy” attribute of watches; finally, once we recognize mechanical watches, we all know that the “big toy” sort of watches is simply like this.


Fashion Attribution Of Watches

A ten-dollar electronic watch and a one-million-dollar Rolex, the time is that the same. Indeed, for a watch, its most vital and basic function is to see the time. But once we consider a watch as a toy, checking the time is merely a part of it. Obviously, the watch has more playability, like its trend and fashion attributes.

Speaking of stylish watches, everyone will consider Casio’s G-Shock for the primary time. This brand are often said to be the youth of countless boys. Whether it had been the GA110 “black gold” that was handed a bit at the time or the classic 5600 “small square” within the classics, it’s the memory of the many people. The primary G-Shock i would like to shop for some time past is that the one that ran everywhere Gunma Mountain. The invincible Fujiwara Takumi is that the same model… But if you would like to mention that G-Shock is more pure and stylish , then you’ve got to say the 6900 series. It’s like Air Force 1’s position within the Nike series of shoes-basic enough, it’s also the primary choice for several brands.

There are too many brands that are co-branded with the G-Shock 6900 series. A touch bit farther away, it’s been co-branded with BAPE, fragment design, and CLOT. A touch bit closer, it’s been co-branded with KITH and MMJ. Whenever the co-branded series can gain countless the eye of card watch players and stylish players. And there aren’t a couple of players who collect G-Shock 6900 series watches, and there’s one by my side. Consistent with him, he didn’t collect G-Shock 6900 for love or money else, but to satisfy a dream he had in childhood.

In recent times, the 2 hottest G-Shock models are GWM5000 and GA2100. The previous is named “Little Nautilus” due to its steel case design, and therefore the latter is named “Farm Oak” due to its octagonal case. These two watches have a high reputation on various trendy social platforms. So it’s not difficult to seek out that the recognition of G-Shock is that the best proof that the watch has trend attributes.

In addition to G-Shock, watches from brands like TIMEX and BEAMS also are very fashionable. TIMEX’s hottest trendy watch may be a joint model with Supreme last year. Additionally , TIMEX has also teamed up with Carhartt WIP, Patta, BEAUTY&YOUTH and other trendy brands, which is filled with playability. BEAMS watches australia are often said to be unique within the industry. Previously, once I visited the BEAMS Japanese store, i used to be attracted by a cupboard of BEAMS watches. If you ask what’s the most important role of those watches, the clerk will certainly tell you-style matching.


Smart Watches Rising

To say that the foremost fashionable watch worn by children today could also be attributed to Apple Watch. At the start of this year, it had been reported that Apple Watch sales set a replacement record in 2019, and a few analysts said that its sales exceeded the whole Swiss watch industry. So in terms of sales alone, Apple Watch’s market share is among the simplest within the watch industry. But why can we classify it as a classy watch here? Additionally to the mixture of user-friendly technology and sticky applications, Apple Watch sells well. The trend of the watch itself is additionally a crucial reason why consumers choose it.

Apple officially launched the Hermes co-branded strap for Apple Watch. Needless to mention , Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of fashion and watch enthusiast, also launched an exclusive strap for Apple Watch. “Little Lightning” oneplus on Apple Watch, this feels instantly different! At an equivalent time, we will also find interesting watchbands in various formats on the universal Taobao, which may maximize the personalization of Apple Watch. A short time ago, the “Apple Watch fever” was triggered on Xiaohongshu. . In various bloggers’ “grass posts”, we found that everybody buys Apple Watch to not check the time nor to its other functions, just because it’s good and may change the strap at will. So everyone doesn’t care if your Apple Watch is that the 1st, 2nd or the newest generation, as long as you’ll change the strap and match it nicely!


Luxury Watches

Speaking of G-Shock, TIMEX, and Apple Watch at the thousand-yuan level, it is time to speak about high-end watches. I even have discussed with a lover before, “Will high-end watches become subsequent trendy item?” Our final conclusion is that there are potential trends, but they’re going to not become mainstream.

Undoubtedly, there are more and more young consumers of high-end watches nowadays, and one among them is that the Rolex “Water Ghost”. Talking about “green water ghost” and “black water ghost” with children now’s a bit like mentioning “AJ 1” and “AF 1”. However, it’s worth noting that whether it’s the Rolex brand or the favored series “Water Ghost”, they themselves don’t have anything to try to to with the trend, but they carry more and more children , in order that they are labeled ” “Fashion” label.

In addition to Rolex, AP, PP, VC even have more and more young consumers, like Royal Oak, Nautilus and other watches have also become trendy watches. At an equivalent time, brands like GUCCI, LV, and TAG Heuer have directly launched trendy co-branded high-end watches, directly bringing the trend of high-end watches to the brand development manual. Therefore, we are saying that “premium watches become subsequent trending item” there’s a particular trend.


Price Is The Limitation Of The Luxury Watches

But why can we say that it’ll not become mainstream? The rationale is that the high threshold of high-end watches. Among the several high-end watches we just mentioned, none of them have a market value of but 80,000 yuan, which directly determines that they’re going to filter an outsized number of consumers, and that they are still very fashionable if they need to become a well-liked trend item. Difficult.



Now that we’ve talked about the “toy” attribute of watches, i think everyone already knows it. So is that the “toy” you’re wearing now, Casio, Apple Watch or Rolex? In my opinion, whether it’s Casio, applewatch or Rolex, a watch that suits you may be a good watch, and “fit” here refers to aesthetics, shape, collocation, temperament, economic ability, etc…

A ten-dollar electronic watch and a one-million-dollar Rolex, the time is that the same. Do not be scared of being looked down upon by others, it’s just the devil in your heart. If you’ll overcome the self in your heart, any and every one difficulties won’t be overthrown by the devil in your heart. What you would like and pursue in your heart will certainly be achieved. We must believe ourselves and walk our own path step by step.

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